Coleman Store More Cupboard Table 17in x 18.8in x 29.3in. - OutdoorQuality Products
On your next camping trip or picnic, take your pantry along with your table when you bring along a Coleman Store More Cupboard Table. Under this sturdy full-size table hangs a collapsible, soft cupboard, giving you a place to store your dishes, food, or anything else you need. The two firm shelves are even strong enough to support metal pots and pans. When the fun is done, the cupboard easily collapses up into the lightweight, folding, aluminum frame for easy, compact, one-handed carrying.
Collapsible, soft cupboard with firm shelves
Lightweight aluminum frame - Compact, folding design
Stylish gray lantern checkered laminate top
Dimensions: 47 x 18.8 x 29.3 in.
Stores in self-contained case with handle