Luna Optics 1000m Laser Rangefinder Plus Speed Meter - OutdoorQuality Products
Luna Optics 1000m Laser Rangefinder Plus Speed Meter allows the user to see more clearly, further, and with more detail in low light and dark environments. It will also enhance ambient light in low light situations. Every night vision device works by amplifying the visible and near infrared light. Ambient light reflects from the viewed object, passes through the Objective lens and creates an image of that object on the photo cathode screen. Inside the tube, the light is electronically amplified and projected in a green glow on a phosphorescent screen, located on the back of the tube. Then the illuminated image is picked up by the Ocular and brought to the eye. The built in infrared illuminator emits infrared light, which reflects from the viewed object and is then amplified by the tube the same way as ambient light.
Distance range 6-1000m
Speed range 0-300km/h
Objective lens 6x24
Field of view is 7 degrees
Waterproof: IPX6
Working temperature -20 to 50 degrees Celsius