Hornady Lock-N-Load AP EZ-Ject Loader 095100 - OutdoorQuality Products
The Lock-N-Load AP with EZject system loads at a rate of up to 500 rounds per hour, and features the quickest change-over of any progressive press. The Lock-N-Load AP is a professional-grade, auto-indexing, 5-station progressive press that features Our Patented Lock-N-Load bushing system as well as a host of other features -- detailed below -- that make it much more attractive than other, more expensive presses, such as the Dillon XL650.
Automatic indexing
Can easily be changed from large to small primers
Has a 5 station quick change bushing system
Has an ingenious case retainer spring that allows you to quickly and easily remove and replace a case at any point in the loading process.
Automatic indexing.