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The Solpro HELIOS SMART (Solpro Orange) is a solar powered smart charger. You can use it just like you would any other USB battery bank. Charge the internal 5,000mAh battery and keep your mobile devices powered while you're on the go. You can also use the patent-pending tri-fold solar panel array to charge the internal battery. With three high-efficiency solar panels, maximum power point tracking, and our smart charge algorithm Helios can collect enough solar energy in 90 minutes to charge a standard smartphone. Helios has two USB output ports and one USB input port. The microUSB port can be used to charge the internal battery. It can charge off your laptop, desktop computer, and from a standard electrical outlet. The 1A output port can charge any USB powered device, recommended for wearables and most smartphones. The 2.1A output port can also charge any USB powered device and is recommended for use with tablets. Open the solar panels wherever there is sunlight and point them towards the sun. The solar charge indicator light glows orange when the panels are generating enough energy to charge the internal battery. The light increases in brightness based on how much of a charge its receiving. Its that simple. The Helios also includes Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology, or MP(more...)
Orange solar powered smart charger
Pass-through charging feature of the Helios can limit the amount of electricity wasted by sending the connected devices the voltage they need
Prolonged battery life, reduced cycles, and more efficient use of electricity when connected to the grid helps reduce the environmental impact of charging our mobile device
Dual USB output ports lets you charge multiple devices at the same time
MicroUSB charging port lets you charge when the sun is NOT shining
Connected to an electrical outlet Helios can also allow pass-through charging to connected devices
Three solar panels to grab as much solar energy as it can in a short period of time