Wise Foods Favorites 72 Hour Cook-In-Pouch Meal Kit - OutdoorQuality Products
Wise Company Wise Favorites 72 Hour Cook-In-Pouch Meals Kit contains 18 servings of delicious breakfasts and entrees for one person, three servings a day. Just add water and your food will cook right inside the pouch. The 72 hour kit has increased protein, reduced sodium, and better recipes than previous Wise kits. Includes 2 servings of Chili Mac with beef; 2 servings of pasta alfredo with chicken; 2 servings of teriyaki chicken gluten free; 2 servings of noodles in mushroom sauce; 2 servings of cheesy lasagna; 2 servings of creamy pasta with chicken; 2 servings of strawberry granola crunch; 4 servings of apple cinnamon cereal.
72 hour kit with 18 servings of breakfast and entrees for 1 person, 3 servings a day
Just add water and cook in pouch
Up to 7 years shelf life
Increased protein, reduced sodium
Includes 2 servings of: chili mac with beef, pasta alfredo with chicken, gluten free teriyaki chicken
Also includes 2 servings of: noodles in mushroom sauce, cheesy lasagna, creamy pasta with chicken, strawberry granola crunch
Includes 4 servings of apple cinnamon cereal