Bog-Pod CLD-3 Camo Legged Devil Tall Tripod Shooting Stick - OutdoorQuality Products
The Bog-Pod Camo Legged Devil (CLD-3) Tall Tripod is made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum and has many great features. The universal shooting rest swivels 360 degrees with a rubber cover to prevent damage to your gun stock. The lever locks allow quick height adjustments by simply lifting the tab and lowering or raising the leg. They also have rubber ring guards to reduce noise when closed for carrying. The legs also feature inch markers on the middle leg sections to help quickly reach a set height and also double as a measuring stick. The all-terrain foot system has rubber feet that screw ip to reveal a steel tip for better grip on ice and hard ground. All CLDs come with a carry bag and two allen wrenches to remove gun rest and adjustment tension on lever locks.
Removable rubber feet unscrew to a reveal carbide tip for better grip on ice
Use in sitting, kneeling, or standing positions - from 22" to 68" usable height when legs are spread
Three-Section, High strength, lightweight aluminum legs with camo finish
Carry bag and allen wrench included
Universal shooting rest swivels 360 degrees and rubber covered to prevent damages to the gun stocks