Hi-Viz Ruger LCR and LCRX Front Sight - Red - OutdoorQuality Products
Hi-Viz replacement sight for one of the most popular carry guns tucked into waist bands! Fits .38 and .357 and 9mm pistols. With a steel base and clear overmold design making it durable enough for the most extreme use. This sight has two unique features: LitePipe has a square profile instead of round and the base is pre-drilled for the retaining pin allowing for easier installation. Shoot better with a Hi-Viz sight! The replacement sight comes in bright red.
Hi-Viz Ruger LCR front sight
Fits .38, 357 and 9mm
Durable clear overmold design
LitePipe has square profile
Base is pre-drilled for retaining pin for easy installation
Replacement sight is in bright red
Made in the USA