UST Fire Starter Stix 12pk - OutdoorQuality Products
This UST 12-pack of Fire Starter Stix are ideal for quickly starting a fire, whether setting up camp after a long hike or in an emergency situation. Non-toxic and odorless, these quick and convenient tinder sticks will light even when wet. Each stick weighs less than 1/2 ounce, and can produce a hot, bright flame upon contact with a small flame from a lighter or even burning embers from flint. They're great for getting the basis for larger flames and can accelerate the process of getting a life-saving fire roaring. UST Brands has been manufacturing camping, survival, personal safety, and emergency preparedness equipment for over 80 years, including innovative LED lights, all-weather fire starters, premium outdoor cutting tools, camp kitchen products, first aid kits, unbreakable signal mirrors, and more.
Fire-starting tinder for campfires, barbecues and fireplaces; 12 sticks per box
Quickly produce a hot, bright flame upon contact with a lighter or embers from a flint
Non-toxic and odorless, each stick weighs less than 1/2 ounce
Fire Starter Stix lights even when wet
Essential in the wilderness