UST Tool A Long Hiker Multi-Tool - OutdoorQuality Products
The UST Tool A Long Hiker is a pocket-sized, stainless steel multi-tool that is designed to accomplish a variety of tasks outdoors or on the go. The included carabiner makes it easily accessible on your gear, belt, bags, and more. TSA-approved for safe travel. Includes Signal mirror, Pry tip, Cord Cutter, Hex wrench (two postitions), Can opener, Flathead screwdriver, Ruler, Butterfly wrench, Hex wrench (four positions), Bottle opener.
Stainless Steel Multi-tool
Carabiner that can attach to gear, belts, bags, and more
TSA-approved for safe travel
Flathead screwdriver
Ruler (1 in.), Butterly wrench, and Hex wrench